Introduction of High Pressure Hoses and Fittings


High pressure hoses and fittings are used in mining hydraulic supports, oil field development, engineering construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and mechanized and automated hydraulic systems in various industrial sectors, as well as liquid transport pipelines to transport petroleum-based liquids (such as mineral oil, solvent oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) and water-based liquids ( such as emulsions, oil-water emulsions and water).


Why use Laike's high-pressure hoses and fittings

  1. High chemical resistance to virtually all chemicals, cleaners and solvents

  2. Up to 50% weight reduction compared to comparable rubber hoses with smaller bend radii and maximum flow rates

  3. High ozone, UV and aging resistance

  4. Hydrolysis and microbial stabilization of the top cover

  5. Low self-flow resistance and low expansion at maximum working pressure

  6. High pulse strength and durability

  7. High abrasion resistance of the outer ceiling

  8. Defined lengthening and shortening at working pressure

  9. Rotation defined at working pressure

  10. Optimized upper limit of energy supply

  11. High torsional strength

  12. Optimized bending radius for mast hydraulics

  13. Wide range of standard fittings and special sizes


High pressure hoses and critical applications

  • High Pressure Hose - Coal Industry

    The hoses used in the coal industry mainly include hydraulic support hoses. In recent years, the pressure requirements of hydraulic support in some coal mines have increased, and some of the steel wire braided hoses can no longer meet their performance requirements, requiring the use of steel wire wound hoses instead. In addition, in order to prevent coal dust pollution during underground coal mining and improve production safety, the variety of oil hoses used in coal mines has increased, such as telescopic oil hoses for coal seam exploration and water sealing devices for coal seam water injection and slurry before comprehensive mining in underground coal mining workings. It is reported that there are domestic manufacturers, more than a dozen coal mines trial, can replace similar imported products.

  • High Pressure Hose - Oil Industry

    The key points of China's offshore oil development strategy in the 21st century.

    In order to develop offshore and shallow sea oil fields, the oil industry needs to use shallow sea oil pipelines in addition to drilling pipelines and vibrating pipelines. China has produced offshore oil pipelines, but floating or semi-floating oil pipelines and deep-sea subsea oil pipelines are still dependent on imports. With the implementation of China's offshore oil development strategy, the requirements for oil pipe performance in offshore oil extraction will continue to increase.

  • High pressure hose -Production process

    1. Mix the inner layer rubber, middle layer rubber and outer layer rubber with mixer according to the formula; extrude the inner tube with extruder and apply it on the soft core or hard core coated with release agent (the core shall not be used in liquid nitrogen freezing method).

    2. Calender pressed into the middle layer of adhesive sheet, add isolating agent rolled, and cut into the required width according to the process requirements.

    3. Winding or braiding copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope on the winding machine or braiding machine, while the winding machine or braiding machine synchronized winding every two layers of copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope between the intermediate rubber sheet, and the beginning and end of the winding wire knot (some early winding machines need to copper-plated steel wire for pre-stress shaping).

    4. Apply the outer layer of rubber again on the extruder, then wrap the lead or cloth vulcanization protection layer.

    5. Vulcanization is carried out in a vulcanization tank or salt bath.

    6. After that, the protective vulcanization layer is removed, the core is taken out, the pipe joint is fastened, and the sample is pressed for inspection.

    In a word, there are many equipments, many kinds of raw materials and complicated production process for manufacturing high pressure hoses. However, in recent years, the production process of hydraulic oil hose with plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material can be appropriately simplified, but the price of raw materials is higher, still with rubber as the main raw material.



The above is our high-pressure hose and fittings characteristics and applications for you to introduce, I hope it will help you. If you are looking for the right high-pressure hose and fittings, then you can check Laike's high-pressure hose and fittings products or contact us to get in touch with our professional team.

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