How to choose a manufacturer of hydraulic hose fittings


Hydraulic fittings connect the wires in the hydraulic system, such as hoses and pipes. Most fittings have a male and female component connected to form a connection. These connections help control and guide the flow of hydraulic fluid in the conductor while preventing leakage and maintaining pressure.

There are mainly five well-known hydraulic fitting suppliers in the world. They are Bosch Rexroth, Daikin Industries, Eaton, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Parker Hannifin. We are familiar with these five major hydraulic fittings supplier brands, as well as some Hydraulic accessories companies we do not know, how we choose to follow them and buy their products. Please be patient and read the suggestions.

How to find a good supplier of hose fitting?

Hydraulic hose fittings and adapters are widely used in hydraulic systems to connect hoses to other hydraulic components such as valves, actuators, and cylinders to allow fluid conveyance. Although hose fittings and adaptors seem to be very tiny parts of the hydraulic systems, they perform very critical roles in providing strong and secure connections by maintaining safe pressure and preventing potential leakage. 

Unfortunately, hydraulic fittings and adapters of wrong choice will cause slow down, or “strikes” of working hydraulic systems, or even worse, accidents and casualties. To avoid all these hassle and hazard, it is essential to find suppliers who are capable of supplying hydraulic fittings and adapters that are strong, reliable, and versatile enough to perform safely and effectively in respective applications. 

And here are some tips about how to do so:

China is the biggest exporter of steel fittings and adapters around the world. No matter you are buying from local, or foreign countries such as Korea, Italy, Turkey, etc, it would make sense to start sourcing from China. They will make great substitutes. 

 If you already started buying from China, here are some keys to ask before finalizing your supplier's list. 


Carbon steel: #45, #35, #20, 08F. Price could vary greatly with different materials been used, with most expensive #20 #35 and least expensive 08F. Sometimes you getting cheaper ones is only because your supplier is using cheap steel. It is not always a bad case as you could happen to just need cheap steel. Let's say your hydraulic system is not very demanding in pressure, it is economic to use 08F rather than #20 #35. Nevertheless, if your hydraulic application is critical in pressure, it is rational to buy #20 #35 #45 to avoid any potential explosion. 

Surface Treatment (Electroplate)

The most common plate is zinc plating, also known as Cr3+ plating. However, the price could again differentiate with same plating. Therefore, it is smart to ask about corrosion resistance time, also known as salt spray test hour. Usually, the industry standard is 96 hours, but prices make differences. It could be as low as 72 hours, or as long as 560 hours or above, depends on your specific needs. On the other hand, there is other kinds of plating such as Nickle zinc plating, which is more expensive and of course for more demanding applications. 


The most popular standards of hose fittings and adapters are SAE and Eaton. They differ in hexagons as people in different countries use different wrenches. Overall SAE and Eaton standards are interchangeable, but countries do have their own preferences. Therefore, it would be wise to make sure which standards you use and inquire accordingly.  

Forge Plant

It is important for your supplier to have his/her own forge plant to lower home costs, maintain consistent product quality, and fasten lead time. 

Keep these in mind and you will probably find a great supplier.  

Benefits of choosing Chinese hydraulic hoses

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of large and medium hydraulic hose fittings worldwide. China is currently the world's largest exporter of hoses. What are the benefits of choosing Chinese hydraulic hoses?

Low price

  • The price of hydraulic hoses in China is very attractive. Distributors go to China to buy hoses and fittings at a lower cost and sell locally to earn high profits. Choosing a Chinese manufacturer can bring him a much richer profit than hydraulic parts suppliers in other countries.

The complete supply chain system

  • China is known as the world's processing factory. In China, you can find more than 95% of the hose models you have. And efficient production capacity and fast logistics system allow you to receive products in the shortest time. It does not affect your sales and guarantees adequate supply.

Customized services

  • Generally, China's hydraulic hoses and accessories products will provide customized services. They can make the hoses and accessories you need according to your needs. Flexible and customized services will surely satisfy you.


How to find a manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and accessories in China

The three most mainstream ways to find lift manufacturers in China

B2B platform

  • The corresponding manufacturers can be found on various b2b platforms. China's well-known b2b platforms are Alibaba and made in china

Google search engine

  • The website information of Chinese manufacturers of hydraulic hoses and accessories is included in Google's database. You can search for them with different keywords.

Foreign trade exhibition

  • Through foreign trade exhibitions, you can get the contact information of most Chinese manufacturers of hydraulic hoses and accessories, and exchange and negotiate on the spot.

How to choose a manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and accessories in China

  • Hydraulic Fittings Price

    When it comes to price, you may often hear suppliers asking how much you want to buy. As you can see, the reason is that mass production is more efficient and less expensive for the factory.

    If a production line needs to switch orders back and forth, efficiency suffers. If you are buying in bulk, you can ask your Chinese supplier for more price support.

  • Quality of hydraulic fittings

    One thing you should know is that components used by different suppliers can vary widely, even if they are the same hydraulic fitting.

  • Delivery of hydraulic Fittings

    Third, timely delivery will minimize your out-of-stocks. Especially if you are doing some marketing activities, we should prevent late delivery.

    In addition to the above three aspects that need attention, there are some places that need special attention.

  • Cstomized product

    Different markets have different functional requirements and specification requirements. Therefore, customization for a variety of different needs is very important.

    In addition, the technology of hydraulic joint products is also more mature.

    You can specify the features you want in a product and then check with the vendor to see if the product meets your needs.

  • Hydraulic accessories supplier qualification

    Hydraulic fittings are a production machine with very high barriers to entry. For European countries, CE certificate is mandatory. For the US market, both exporters and importers are required to register with the FDA if they sell as "hydraulic accessories".

    Having said that, you should verify their eligibility.

  • After-sales service

    Besides product, price and delivery time, the service of the supplier is also important. Whether it's answering your questions in a timely manner or helping you with after-sales issues, these can impact your business operations.

    You can observe the supplier's performance during the communication process to see if they have these experiences and the ability to provide good service.

China's outstanding manufacturer of hydraulic hoses

Lake Hydraulics was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to the development and manufacture of hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose assemblies and other related products that are widely used in mining, machinery, transportation, shipping, and oil fields.

Our ability


Lake Hydraulics



Size of the factory 

18,000 square meters

Number of personnel

> 100 people



Our client

With reliable quality, decent price, and superior service, we have successfully established our reputation and won over customers from worldwide. Some of our big clients are Parker, Eaton, Terex, PrincessAuto, etc. Our cooperation includes OEM/ODM service, customization, and so on. We will strive to keep up our work, upgrade and improve, innovate and invent, and thus strengthen the partnerships with our clients.


If you need to purchase hydraulic accessories or hoses, please contact us. Or visit our website.

I would like you email me your catalog items and production on hose and fittings.
Amy Saunders
Hmm.. I think it would be a sin if I dont forward this to my brother if I want him to finish his work successfully later on. You were right, by the way, for mentioning that our hydraulic hose fitting must not be too expensive in the first place. Hes been trying to figure out how to make sure the hoses in the chemical plant where he works at stay intact and long-lasting. 
Anna Collins
I appreciate you letting me know that its important to check whether the supplier has their own forge plant so that consistent product quality is maintained and lead time is fastened. I imagine if you work for an oil company, it would be best to make sure you choose a trusted hydraulic hose retailer for better work performance. Ill keep this in mind if I ever need hydraulics for my business in the future. 
Elina Brooks
I appreciate your advice when you told us to inquire about the corrosion resistance time first when choosing hydraulic hose fittings depending on the surface treatment given since there are different types made to meet specific needs. I imagine if you need a hydraulic system for your industrial plant, it would be wise to consider custom hoses for it. Ill take note of this in case I ever need custom hydraulic hoses in the future. 
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