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Laike is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic hoses in China, providing high-quality and competitively priced hydraulic hose products to customers all over the world.

Hydraulic Hoses Convey Hydraulic Fluid to or among Hydraulic Components.

Hydraulic industrial hose conveys hydraulic fluid such as oils and water to or among hydraulic components, pumps, valves, cylinders and other equipment, and is thus a common and important element in hydraulic machinery and industrial machines. Since hydraulic systems often operate at high pressures, hydraulic hoses are usually reinforced, containing a braided stainless steel sleeve inside of its rubber covering. Depending on different levels of pressure, the hydraulic hose can be constructed with several layers of reinforcement to withstand a greater amount of pressure. To work in different circumstances, hydraulic hoses can be designed with different materials of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, Teflon reinforced, and etc. The rubber-coated surface or other protective covering is to protect the hydraulic hose from becoming cut or chaffed when in contact with others parts of the hydraulic machinery.


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Hydraulic High-pressure Hose Structure

The hydraulic hose is made of a special cover inner rubber layer, steel or fabric reinforcement and protection outer layer. The inner layer of the hydraulic hose is made by an extrusion method and a special rubber compound, which has a high level of leakproofness, tensile strength and corrosion resistance. The reinforcing layer is located in the middle of the hose and is made of high-strength steel or textile thread. Use a special braiding machine to reinforce the hydraulic hose. There may be multiple layers of reinforcement, so that the hydraulic hose can withstand high pressure and ultra-high pressure.


Manufacturing Process of Hydraulic High Pressure Hose

Hydraulic hose manufacturing usually means a crimping process. It has several stages:

  • Measure the length of the hose;

  • Cut off the hose;

  • Scrape the outer layer of the hose (if necessary);

  • Scrape the inner layer of the hose (if necessary);

  • The first assembly of ferrules and accessories;

  • Crimping hose;

  • Check the outer diameter of the ferrule after the crimping is completed;

  • Testing of assembling hydraulic hoses;

  • Wash, rinse, blow off;

  • Package.


Types of Hydraulic High-pressure Hoses

Today's manufacturers produce all possible types of hydraulic hoses with different diameters, corrosion and temperature resistance, and their working pressure is directly related to the structure of the hose. At present, the commonly used hoses for equipment are as follows:

  • 1SN, 1SC and other monofilament braided hoses;

  • Two braided hoses such as 2SN and 2SC;

  • Three-wire braided hose, such as 3SK;

  • 4SP, 4SH and other four-wire spiral hoses;

  • R13, R15 and other six-wire spiral hoses;

  • Low temperature hoses such as 2SN, 2SC, 3SK, 4SH, etc.


Hydraulic Industrial Hose Application

Hydraulic high-pressure hoses are basically used in all industrial applications that require pneumatic and hydraulic circuits:

  • Construction machinery;

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Mining machinery;

  • Woodworking machinery

  • aviation industry;

  • public Utilities;

  • Oil and gas industry.

Laike provides high-quality hydraulic industrial hoses suitable for world-renowned manufacturers, as well as various hydraulic hose joints and hydraulic adapters.

Hydraulic Hose Application

High-pressure hydraulic hoses are basically used in all industrial applications that require pneumatic and hydraulic circuits:

  • Construction Equipment;

  • Agricultural equipment;

  • Mining equipment;

  • Woodworking equipment

  • aviation industry;

  • public Utilities;

  • Oil and gas industry.


Technical Specifications for Hydraulic High-pressure Hoses

High-pressure hoses should be distinguished by clear parameters. The following are the main ones:

  • Work pressure;

  • Maximum bending radius;

  • Available temperature range.

The working pressure indicator is set for each individual category of braided hose and spiral hose. They shall comply with EN 853 and EN 857 (for braided hoses) and EN 856 (for spiral hoses).


Our Hydraulic Hose Advantages

Our hydraulic hose products cover the most commonly used hose standards are DIN, SAE, ISO, GB/T.

For braided hydraulic hoses, or one or two wire braided hoses, popular standards are DIN EN853, SAE J517, GB/T 3683-2011, ISO1436. For spiral hoses, or four-wire and six-wire spiral hoses, popular standards are DIN EN856, SAW J517, GB/T 10544-2003, ISO3862. Hydraulic hoses can be flaked and non-flaked. Skive refers to the necessary step to remove part of the hose cap or inner tube before connecting the end of the hose. Non-scraping means that on the contrary, the hose can be assembled at any time.

Characteristics: Hydraulic hoses may include different characteristics based on construction or specific application requirements.

Lay flat: The hose is designed to be flat and folded by default when it is not filled with fluid. It makes the hose easier to store, and it is more flexible and forgiving in use.

Anti-static: The hose is conductive or semi-conductive to prevent static electricity from accumulating.

Flame retardancy: The hose is constructed to maintain its integrity in the event of a flame or fire

Specifications: The performance specifications of hydraulic hoses include temperature ratings and pressure ratings.

Temperature: Hydraulic hoses usually work at temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius, and those that do require temperature ratings that exceed the application temperature limit. These limits include medium temperature and ambient temperature. Based on the thermal stability and heat capacity of the fluid, the type of hydraulic fluid being delivered can also increase or decrease the impact of temperature changes on the hose.

Pressure: The pressure rating defines the force per unit area that can be applied to the hydraulic hose during operation, usually in pounds per square inch. It should be greater than the working pressure and any surge or peak pressure in the system. Manufacturers usually incorporate safety factors into the maximum working pressure rating of their hoses. Pressure level is very important in the selection process of safe and reliable operation.

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Established in 1995, Laike Hydraulics is committed to developing and manufacturing hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose assemblies and other related products that are widely used in mining, machinery, transportation, shipping, and oil fields. With more than 20 years of learning, growing and development, we now own plant of 18,000 square meters, machines of 200 sets, employees of 100 and store regularly used items of 40,000 kinds.

It is the long-standing commitment to “first class design, first class products, first class service”that has made Laike Hydraulics a name synonymous with hydraulic fittings and adapters. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us immediately to get the latest quotation.

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