Classification and Selection of Hydraulic Hose Fittings


Hydraulic hose fittings are very important hose fittings in industrial liquid transmission. They help control and guide the flow of hydraulic fluid in the conductor, while preventing leakage and maintaining pressure.

There are many types of hydraulic hose couplings to choose from, so what types of hose couplings are there? How should I choose? Today we will discuss the types and selection of hydraulic hose fittings.


Common Types of Metal Hose Fittings

  1. Mainly used to connect the local junction box and the hose. Open the hole in the in-situ box, insert the joint, and use the external thread joint fixed by the lock nut.

  2. Mainly used for internal threaded joints for threaded connection of cable pipes and hoses.

  3. It is mainly used for the connection of metal hoses and steel pipes. The ferrule joint does not need to be threaded on the steel pipe for installation. The joint is at the end of the steel pipe. It is fastened by one click and has the characteristics of convenient installation.

  4. Mainly used for pre-embedded pipes with small dense gaps, inserted into the inner diameter of steel pipes, and easy to install internal plug-in joints.

  5. Mainly used when the diameters of steel pipes and metal hoses are inconsistent, the reducing joints can be arbitrarily enlarged or reduced according to site installation requirements.


Common Hydraulic hose fitting specifications and models

  • JIC37⁰Flares

    Joint Industrial Conference (JIC) fittings are the most common, consisting of parallel threads and 37⁰ cones on the mounting end, connected to a flared tube or hose connector.

  • O-ring face seals

    Flat sealing surface with embedded seals, matched with flange pipes or hose joints. The risk of excessive torque can be reduced, and the seal can prevent leakage.

  • Ring Boss

    It has the same straight thread as JIC37⁰ bell mouth, but uses O-ring seal instead of metal to metal bell mouth to achieve the best leak-free connection

  • NPT pipe thread (National Pipe Tapered)

    The traditional tapered threaded joint can provide low pressure black iron and brass or high pressure steel and stainless steel. NPT was originally designed for water piping (60 psi) and is generally not recommended for high-pressure applications because they are more prone to leaks than any other type of connection.

  • Bite type

    This is the most common type of hydraulic coupling in Europe, used with metric pipes or hoses. This accessory model can use elastic seals on the mating surface for better sealing and reusability.

  • Four-bolt flange

    These connections comply with SAE j518 and ISO 6162-1 and -2, which are especially suitable for components with larger sizes, higher pressures and compact areas to achieve leak-free connections.

  • Quick disconnect hose fittings

    Used to quickly and easily connect and disconnect fluid pipelines. These hose fittings are also called quick connects or quick connectors. Normally, manual operation is used to quickly disconnect hose fittings. They are usually used to replace accessory connections that require tool assembly and disassembly.

Crimping fittings are the most common, requiring a crimping machine to connect the fittings to the hose.

If you are working on site and cannot use the crimping machine, you can also use on-site installation hose fittings (sometimes called recoverable hose fittings). They consist of two parts, a socket and a connector, and can be manufactured anywhere, as long as your hose is a "field connectable connector"


Factors to consider when choosing the right hose fittings

  1. Pressure rating

    Due to the risk of leakage, it is recommended not to use JIC connectors and NPT threads for high pressure or high vibration applications. Most OEMs use O-ring face seals and DIN metric fittings for high pressure applications.

  2. Availability

    Since JIC and NPT connectors have been used in the field for many years, they are easier to access, lower cost, and are a viable solution for low voltage applications.

  3. Reliability

    In the past, NPT joints were favored in this field because leaks can be repaired only by tightening the joints. This caused the accessory to break, which could cause greater damage if not corrected. JIC is still prone to cracks due to excessive torque. Since the elastic sealing of the mating surface can eliminate the risk of excessive torque and leakage, the O-ring face seal fittings and DIN metric fittings have the best reliability.

  4. Versatility

    JIC hose fittings can be connected to any foreign or American model, and expand/shrink the size. JIC hose fittings are usually stocked by suppliers for easy access.

  5. The pressure of the liquid

    The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a quick coupling.

  6. Type and temperature of fluid

    According to the fluid, the suitable body material and sealing material are different. It is recommended to be made of steel, or brass or stainless steel if it is water. Except for the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the piping during separation. So please pay attention.


China's leading manufacturer of hydraulic hose fittings

Lake Hydraulics was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to the development and manufacture of hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose assemblies and other related products that are widely used in mining, machinery, transportation, shipping, and oil fields.

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