Hydraulic Quick Couplings: What You Need to Know


Hydraulic quick couplings are suitable for industrial, chemical, LPG, vehicle and ship manufacturing equipment, etc. It can convey a variety of fluid media such as gasoline, heavy oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, refrigeration oil, water, salt water, acid and alkaline. It is one of the important hydraulic pipe fittings today. Today we'll discuss what you need to know about hydraulic quick couplings.


What is a hydraulic quick coupling

Hydraulic quick coupling is a kind of joint that does not need to use tools, but can realize the rapid assembly and disassembly of pipeline, and it has two kinds of structures: open and closed at both ends and open at both ends.

Both ends of the open and closed hydraulic quick coupling consists of the coupling body, check valve spool, jacket, steel ball, spring and seal. There is a one-way valve in the inner cavity of the joint body. When the two joint bodies are separated, the one-way valve spool extends outward under the action of the respective springs and presses on the conical hole of the joint body, so that the access is closed and the oil in the two sides of the tube is closed in the tube and cannot flow out; when the two joint bodies are connected, the two top rods of the front end of the one-way valve spool touch each other, forcing the spool to leave the conical hole of the joint body, so that the oil in the two sides of the tube is connected, and the two The joint body is locked with steel ball, when working, the jacket presses the steel ball in the U-shaped groove of the joint body under the action of spring, so that the joint body is connected.


Features of hydraulic quick coupling

  • Time and labor saving

    When disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit by hydraulic quick coupling, the action is simple, time and labor saving.

  • Oil saving

    When breaking the oil circuit, the single valve on the hydraulic quick coupling can close the oil circuit, so the oil will not flow out and avoid the loss of oil pressure.

  • Environmental protection

    When the hydraulic quick coupling is broken and connected, the oil will not spill, which protects the environment.

  • Easy to transport

    Large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easily carried, use hydraulic quick couplings to break down and transport, and then assemble and use after reaching the destination

  • Economical

    All the above advantages create economic value for customers.


How to choose hydraulic quick coupling

  1. Fluid type and temperature (please select the hydraulic quick coupling with the body material and sealing material suitable for the fluid type and temperature) The suitable body material and sealing material are different according to the fluid. For example, hydraulic quick coupling is for air. Steel is recommended, while for water, brass or stainless steel is preferred.

    The pressure of the fluid (please select the hydraulic quick coupling with pressure resistance suitable for the fluid pressure) is also the key to select the hydraulic quick coupling.

  2. Use environment of hydraulic quick coupling (please select hydraulic quick coupling with structure and material suitable for use environment) Consider the type, body material and sealing material of hydraulic quick coupling in combination with the humidity condition, dust condition and easy corrosion of the use environment.

  3. Confirm that the connection threads of the hydraulic quick coupling should be the same. In the process of using different brands of products, it is better to use the same brand of female and male heads together, and if they must be crossed, it is better to consult the technical personnel of the product supplier before using them, and then use them after confirmation.

  4. Installation shape and size (please order the product after determining the final shape and size) Please determine the type and material of the hydraulic quick coupling and specify the shape and size of the assembly with the corresponding piping characteristics. Please note that the dimensions are related to the fluid flow rate.


Precautions for using hydraulic quick couplings.

  1. Do not use for fluids other than the applicable fluid

  2. Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure limit.

  3. Do not use outside the operating temperature range to prevent seal material wear or leakage

  4. Do not beat, bend, stretch, or break artificially

  5. Do not use in places where metal powder or sand and dust are mixed to prevent poor work or leakage.

  6. Do not exceed the maximum tightening torque during installation of threads to prevent breakage.

  7. Do not use the hose with cracks, to prevent leakage or fall off

  8. If used for vibration, shock machines will cause durability reduction

  9. The fluid used must be clean and filtered by the filter

  10. Do not disassemble the hydraulic quick coupling


If you have more questions, you can check our hydraulic quick coupling products or contact us to communicate with our professional team and get more useful information.


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