Crimping Machine for Sale

 Crimping Machine for Sale
Mould types

1.Open the cover of the tank and add about 60 liters of no. 46 hydraulic oil (oil level reaches 2/3 of the height of the hydraulic device).


2.Connect the three-phase power supply, open the motor switch on the right side of the control panel, and make sure the motor turns clockwise (operate in the direction of the motor tip).


3.Press the up and down buttons on the left side of the control panel respectively, and the locking block of the press machine can be loosened and tightened.

The lock block stops moving when the micrometer adjuster controls the position.

If the regulator is adjusted clockwise, the amount of attachment is small (the diameter of the pressure pipe is large). If the regulator is adjusted in the opposite direction, the amount of attachment is large (the diameter of the pressure pipe is small).


4.When the mold is installed on the 8-flap beveled die holder, the steel word should be aligned outside to check whether the installation is correct (there are 12 sets of mold, as shown in the following table).φ14、φ17、φ20……φ60 represent the minimum diameter of the rubber hose assembly coat that the mold can withhold in any size within the standard size of 6mm (adjusted and controlled by the dial gauge).


5.Use of the thousandth regulator on the top of the main engine (oil cylinder) : after adjusting the thousandth regulator to the position of 3mm, the oil gauge measures the inner diameter of the mold, and the size of the button can be arbitrarily adjusted by the thousandth regulator.


6.Note: before starting up, it is necessary to check whether the lead wire and the terminal post on the micrometer regulator are in reliable contact. When the regulator is adjusted from large to small, the locking block of the press must be loosened first to avoid causing human failure.


7.Overflow valve A (from the front view of the machine, the left side overflow valve YF-B8H2) to adjust the cylinder release speed after the completion of the pressure pipe. Adjustment method: increase pressure clockwise, decrease pressure counterclockwise.

  Overflow valve B(from the front view of the machine, the right overflow valve YF-B8H4) to adjust the pressure pipe fastening force, generally the modulation is not greater than 31.5Mpa. The adjustment method is the same as above.


8.Die selection for tube pressingMould can be selected according to the parameters of the hose assembly and the outside diameter of the casing after being pressed. For example, the 13II hose assembly, the outerwear size before buttoning is 31mm, the buttoning dimension is 28.5mm, and you can use the φ28 mould.


9.Technical parameters

X90:Retractable hose size :2 inches   Scope: ±34 mm

    ③Oil pump pressure:31.5Mpa     clamping force :280 tons

Motor power :3 kilowatts      Weight :350 kg

Dimensions: 650* wide * 500* high * 1350mm


X100:Retractable hose size :2.5 inches   ②Scope: ±34 mm

     ③Oil pump pressure:31.5Mpa      ④Motor power :4 kilowatts

 ⑤Weight :850 kg

 ⑥Dimensions: 820* wide * 750* high * 1600mm




Troubleshooting and safe operation


Do not work after the tube is electrified

Check whether the power supply is defective, and whether the fuse is fused.

Whether the motor rotate clockwise.

If the lock nut of the overflow valve is loose, please adjust the overflow valve B clockwise if it is loose. Check for no more than 31.5Mpa and lock the nut tightly.

Is the hydraulic oil in the mailbox up to the standard level? If the amount of oil is insufficient, the amount of oil added to the standard level line.

If no abnormality has been found through the above inspection, it can be further judged.

First of all, the dial of the dial gauge adjuster is adjusted out of the working range (this step must be done first). Open the left and right box board, open the motor, and then lift the iron core of the electromagnetic iron sucker on the left or right side of the electromagnetic valve respectively. At this point, the oil cylinder lock block should be able to contract and open.

If working normally, check the circuit first to see if there is a 24 volt dc supply(can be achieved by the yellow up and down buttons on the right of the control panel) .If there is no voltage supply or abnormal supply, professional electrician should be consulted to check and repair circuit faults. If the voltage supply is normal, it is very likely that the valve core of the solenoid valve has micro garbage stuck, the solenoid valve should be removed and cleaned with gasoline or kerosene.

If the work is abnormal, the part of the oil pipeline should be checked, that is, when the electromagnetic core is lifted, the lock block cannot contract and open, the overflow valve core should be checked whether it is stuck or can be removed for cleaning.

2The crimping machine can work, but the pressure is not up to standard.

 First adjust the relief valve pressure handle to see if the standard oil pressure can be achieved. If the standard oil pressure is not reached, the overflow valve should be cleaned in the front at the same time.


2.Safe operation

1The electrical box of the crimping machine must be opened by an electrician with knowledge of electrical appliances.

2The main power knife switch must be turned off after the appliance is out of use.

3Be sure to stop when changing the mould. (special attention).

4The inclined plane between the octave seat and the front plate shall be kept clean frequently. No metal chips or other hard objects shall be stuck to the inclined plane. Before starting the machine, lubricating oil must be injected to keep it lubricated.

5The positioning screw on the module must be regularly checked for looseness, and the positioning screw must be tightened before installing the module.

6The overflow valve behind the machine cannot be moved at will.

7You must pay attention to the safety of your hands when using the automatic press plate.

8In the process of adjusting the dial gauge regulator of the pipe press, one hand is pressed on the micrometer, and the other hand will touch the machine with a sense of electric shock, which is the reason why there is a 24 volt power supply on the micrometer. It is best not to touch the rest of the body when adjusting the micrometer with one hand.

Attachment: this machine runs normally for about a year, it is better to change the oil once.

Rana shams
Hi dear I want hydraulic x100 =2.5”
Kindly quote for a set of crimping and hose cutting machine.
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