Metric Adapter

Metric Adapter

Metric Adapters Include DIN Bite Type Tube Fittings 24° Cone DIN2353, Metric Thread 60° Cone DIN7631, as well as Metric Thread ISO6149. 

Metric Adapters include DIN bite type tube fittings 24° cone DIN2353, Metric thread 60° cone DIN7361, as well as metric thread ISO6149, to other threads forms such as JIC, NPT, and etc. 

DIN bite fitting, or 24° tube fitting, has special design of cutting ring to undertake high pressure and extreme vibration. When the nut is screwed onto fitting, its base touches the cutting ring, wedging it into 24 degree cone to cute into and grip the tube. The metric 24° follow DIN2353 standard, and have light and heavy series. Two series share some of the thread sizes, but the tube OD of the heavy series is smaller and has a thicker tube wall. As the tube and sealing cone are different sizes, light and heavy series are not interchangeable. Light series undertake pressure up to 4000psi, and heavy series undertake pressure up to 6000psi. 

The metric 60° cone DIN7631 has male half with 60 degree recessed cone and straight thread, and female half with globeseal and straight thread. The 60 degree cone of male half and the globeseal of female half bite together to form seal and strong connection. 

The metric thread ISO6149 has male half with O-ring and straight thread, and female half with a chamfer and straight thread. The O-ring of the male half is compressed into the chamfer of the male half to form seal and strong connection.

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