Custom Hydraulic Fittings: Choose Hydraulic Fitting Manufacturer for Your Application

A custom hydraulic fitting solution ensures you have the right concept, design and materials for the perfect solution.

This article will discuss important considerations for making custom hydraulic fittings in the hope of helping you.



Not only should your suppliers be open and direct, but they should also be responsive. You rely on your distributor to guarantee the stability of your production process. Think about how the provider interacts and the timeline of interactions, including a support team you can actually find on the phone, and whether they speak common language.


Prototype and Screening

To ensure custom components precisely meet your requirements and project needs, we'll be sure to work with your design team to establish an appropriate prototyping and certification strategy. A CAD robust version of your initial fitting concept can be developed and delivered online. CAD/CAM illustrations take full advantage of the initial growth and design phases. A production prototype can be created to help show that the layout is practical and the installation will definitely work the way it should. In addition, it enables accessories to be thoroughly tested prior to manufacture if required.

Laike's in-house screening process verifies design, manufacturing and component approval. Our industry standard certificate screening includes:

  • Cyclic Endurance (Pulse) Test
  • Static pressure test
  • Salt spray test
  • Weight uniformity test
  • Torque coefficient filter
  • Consumer testing as needed

We don't just offer products, we believe in working with our consumers to find the best solution for their application. We supply hydraulics for a wide range of markets and uses.



You may have a long-term relationship with your supplier. In a way, it is similar to a marriage relationship. You want to see it work together. You need to share comparable visions and values. If something goes wrong, you need to know they'll be there for you. And, don't ignore the reality of each other's needs. Although you don't have to work with your colleagues on a daily basis, you should develop pleasant and productive partnerships. Good suppliers show a willingness to deal with you and put your needs first.

Your distributor can be a partner to help you improve your products, increase efficiency and keep your manufacturing process running smoothly. If you find yourself associated with an unsuitable provider, this will take a toll on profitability. Make an effort to evaluate your suppliers thoroughly to ensure they are a good fit, both from a competency and social perspective.

By interacting, you will benefit from the technical expertise of suppliers who own and control the production process, as well as best-in-class shipping efficiencies.


Suitable manufacturer

Just as a chain is only its weakest link, a company is only as good as its worst distributor. Suppliers play a vital role in the manufacturing process, providing companies with the materials and solutions they use to produce their own products. The right supplier can help suppliers improve their manufacturing processes, leverage capacity, improve price efficiency, and deliver higher quality products. For some companies, their suppliers are the secret to their success.

Meeting regulatory and ethical requirements in the past, there are a few important factors that can help you differentiate the right distributor for your organization. Here are 6 key qualities to consider when choosing a supplier.


It is critical to have a supplier who can deliver on their promises to you. Specifically, if you have a long-term agreement with a provider, you want to make sure they will be around for the long haul. Years at the company, credit checks, the persistence of senior staff, and client referrals will help you feel more positive about your supplier's security.

Market knowledge

From understanding the legal needs and policies of your target audience to making repairs during the layout process, suppliers who understand your market and project technical experience are useful. You don't intend to be the provider's guinea pig. Find distributors who specialize in the products they make.

Engineering Capability

Laike custom accessories are designed, inspected and produced in-house in our US facility. Our engineering team works directly with OEM designers and project directors to develop an installation suitable for your hydraulic application. We leverage our extensive hydraulic fitting engineering experience to provide solutions that help OEM engineers efficiently model, certify, and move quickly from concept to production. We take into account your manufacturing schedule as well as budget plans and specifications such as hydraulic resistance, area, clearance and function.


In this global marketplace, you can get products from almost anywhere. But your company's approach is most likely related to the timeline. How does that affect your success if every single one of their products comes from abroad and is slow to sell? You need to make sure you have a reseller who can deliver on time as well as a spending plan. The ability to find distributors in this area includes domestic production, inventory acquisition, shipping capacity and "just-in-time" efficiency.


Cost and value are not the same thing. Yes, a simple rate is necessary, but costs become relative when a supplier can help improve product placement, increase the highest quality of your project, increase your speed to market, or reduce your total cost of production. Low cost is not always the most effective bargain. If the supplier's product is of poor quality, you may make additional investments over time. Make sure you consider suppliers in terms of the full value they bring to your manufacturing process, not just the price tag.

Manufacturing capacity

Can the supplier produce the product you want? The most effective way to confirm manufacturing capability is to visit the supplier in person, or to utilize a third-party proxy representative. Your analysis must cover:

  • Resources and Finished Goods Inventory
  • Incoming quality control, in-process quality control and pre-shipment quality assurance processing
  • style and ability to grow
  • Design Modification Techniques
  • Machine and Equipment Maintenance and Calibration
  • Certification or Licensing

If you can't see the dealer face-to-face, use certification and third-party audits like ISO 9001 to verify the highest quality requirements.

Also, ask your possible suppliers for product examples. Especially if your dealer is making the parts for you, ask for a sample run before automating.



A custom hydraulic fitting service ensures you have the right concept, design and product for the perfect solution.

Without the correct hydraulic system connections, the machine will not work effectively or efficiently to provide the desired results. In some cases, the only way to ensure the right fit for your application is to use a custom hydraulic fitting service from Laike Global Production. Custom installation solves style and manufacturer issues before it becomes a hassle. Additionally, custom fitting components can improve performance by reducing the variety of connections and/or leaking processes.

By dealing with Laike's leading design team focused on China, you are sure to get the right concept, layout and product for a great solution.


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