How to Select the Correct Hose End Connection

The article below presents the most common thread forms of hydraulic hose fittings. By explaning the difference, it help you to distinguish between different thread forms and therefore able to select the correct hose end connection. It also offers interchangeable P/N of Parker and Manuli brand so it is easy for you to switch around while making sure you are switching to the correct one. 
Connection Type

Din 24° Light (L) and Heavy (S) Seires with O-ring

The male has a 24° sealing angle cone seat with straight metric threads.

The female has a 24° convex cone with O-ring and a swivel straight metric threaded nut.

METRIC Light Series (24° Cone with O-ring)

Laike: 10411Y/20411Y/20441Y/20491Y | Parker: 1D043/1CA43/1CE43/1CF43 | Manuli: OPF11110/21512/21542/21592

METRIC Heavy Series (24° Cone with O-ring)

Laike: 10511Y/20511Y/20541Y/20591Y | Parker:1D243/1C943/10C43/11C43 | Manuli: OPF11210/21612/21643/21693 

Standard: ISO 12151-2/ISO 8434-1 & ISO 8434-4



British Standard Pipe (BSP)

Also referred to as Whitworth threads, the BSP thread type fittings eal use metal-to-metal angled surfaces or a combination of metal-to-metal and an O-ring. The angle of the sealing surfaces is 60° for both forms. There are two popular thread forms: British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) and British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT).


Laike: 12611Y/22611Y/22641Y/22691Y | Parker: 1D943/19243/1B143/1B243 | Manuli: OPF10510/20512/20542/20592

METRIC Heavy Series (24° Cone with O-ring)

Standard: BS5200


Laike: 13011Y-SP | Parker:1UT43 | Manuli: OPF10710 



North American Thread Types

This type of fitting uses the thread interface to seal and as such has a tapered thread that deforms and forms the seal.
They have 30° sealing angle surfaces, forming a 60° inverted (concave) seat.
The fittings are most frequently seen on machines of US origin.

Dryseal American Standard Taper Pipe Thread (NPTF)

The NPTF male will mate with the NPTF, NPSF, or NPSM females.

Laike: 15611Y/15611SWY | Parker: 10143/11343| Manuli: OPF12810/14110R

Standard: SAE J516

National Pipe Straight Mechanical (NPSM)

Laike: 21611Y | Parker: 10743| Manuli: OPF22812


Commonly referred to as JIC fittings, these metal-to-metal sealing type fittings have a 37° flare (sealing
surface angle) and straight United National Fine Threads (UNF). The original design specification for the fittings comes from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and these fittings are the most common
American fitting types in Europe.

Laike: 16711Y/26711Y/26741Y/26791Y | Parker: 10343/10643/13743,1L743/13943,1L943, 14143| Manuli: OPF12510/OPF22712/OPF22542/OPF22592,OPK24792

Standard: SAE J516

SAE 45° Flare

The angle of the flare is commonly used as a name when referring to these metal-to-metal sealing fittings. The female fittings have a 90° concave inverted seat, created by the 45° angle sealing surfaces. The SAE 45° flare male will mate with an SAE 45° flare female only or a dual seat JIC 37°/SAE45°.

Laike: 17811Y/27811Y | Parker: 10443/10843/17743/17943| Manuli: N.A/OPF22612/22642/22692

Standard: SAE J516

SAE O-ring (Boss Type)

This male fitting has straight threads, a sealing face and an O-ring. It is compatible only with female boss type fittings generally found in the ports of machines. Sealing is achieved through the O-ring of the male and through the sealing face of the female.
Laike: 16011Y | Parker: 10543| Manuli: OPF13010

O-ring Face Seal (ORFS)

ORFS fittings are becoming the most popular international fitting type used on global OEM machines due to their high level of sealing and their good vibration resistance. The fittings use the O-ring compression mechanism to seal. The female fittings have flat faces and straight threaded UNF swivel nuts. The male fittings have the O-ring in a groove in
the flat face. Seen as a major advantage, these fittings offer the possibility to build the hose assemblies into fixed distances/spaces, without having to move back other system components due the flat faces of the male
and female fittings – the hose assembly can be slotted in.

Laike: 14211Y/24211Y/24241Y/24291Y | Parker: 1J043/1JS43,1JC43/1J743/1J943,1J543, 1J143| Manuli: OPF12410/OPF22411/OPF22441/OPF22491




Flange Fittings Code 61 and Code 62

The 4-bolt split flange (or full flange) fitting is used worldwide for connecting high-pressure hoses typically to pumps, motors and cylinders, where the hose assemblies are subjected to large pressure loadings. The sealing mechanism is through compression of the O-ring in the face of the flange head against the surface of the port/connection. The flange fittings are generally separated into two pressure classes referred to as 3000 psi (SFL) or 6000 psi (SFS).

Code 61, 3000 psi

Laike: 87311Y/87341Y/87391Y | Parker: 11543/11743/11943| Manuli: OPF12410/OPF22411/OPF22441/OPF22491

Code 62, 6000 psi

Laike: 87611Y/87641Y/87691Y | Parker: 16A43/16F43/16N43| Manuli: OPF12410/OPF22411/OPF22441/OPF22491

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