How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Hose


In many cases, cost may be a factor, and bulk parts can be purchased online or from warehouses that claim to be able to use hoses. However, these accessories usually have not undergone formal qualification tests to ensure reliable and safe connections. Therefore, owners and operators are forced to choose between spending more upfront, some costs, and some downtime to get the right fittings that match the hose, or save and install in advance that do not match the existing hoses or components Accessories. Saving money and continuing to work may seem like an obvious choice, but there are benefits to investing in ordinary hoses and fittings up front.

Hydraulic hose is very important to many enterprises and production equipment, because it affects the normal production operation and economic benefits of this enterprise, and even affects the life safety of workers. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right and correct hydraulic hose, and every effort must be made to make the machine run normally.

This article will take you to understand the precautions for choosing the right hydraulic hose.


Choose the right hydraulic hose index

Determination of technical indicators: to understand the needs of the product, and then determine the main indicators of the hydraulic hose according to the needs. For example: working pressure, hydraulic hose inner diameter, hydraulic hose outer diameter, hydraulic hose transport medium, use environment, service life, length dimension, minimum bending radius, etc., list a detailed table to determine the required hydraulic hose Technical indicators. The following explains how to choose from these 8 aspects:

  • Working pressure

    This depends on the maximum working pressure and whether it can meet the requirements.

  • The inner diameter of the hydraulic hose

    To ensure that the medium transmitted in the hydraulic hose can be transmitted smoothly without clogging, and it should be selected according to the diameter of the applied product, and it should not be too large or too small;

  • The outer diameter of the hydraulic hose

    Choose according to the size of the applied product caliber, not too large or too small, to ensure that it can be assembled normally and does not leak;

  • Delivery medium

    This is very important, we must pay attention to it. Choose the corresponding hydraulic hose when choosing. For example, if the delivery medium is hydraulic oil, choose hydraulic oil resistant when choosing;

  • Use environment

    Choose the hose according to the use environment, see whether the environment is harsh, whether it is in the open air, the light time, whether it is frequent friction, the external temperature, etc.;

  • Service life

    According to the requirements of the product, choose the appropriate service life, and consider the difficulty and cost of replacement of the hydraulic hose when the service life is up;

  • Length size

    According to the size of the product and the specific conditions of use, select the appropriate length size, try to be just right, and not allow it to be excessively bent or kept in a state of vigorous tension all the time;

  • Minimum bending radius

    Because the hydraulic hose has a minimum bending radius when in use, it is necessary to consider the specific location of the product using the hydraulic hose and determine the appropriate minimum bending radius, so that the normal use environment of the hydraulic hose does not exceed Minimum bending radius.


Precautions for buying hydraulic hoses

No hose assembly will last forever, but choosing the right hose and accessories will help extend the life of the assembly-and keep your equipment and work in normal operation for a longer time.

  • Hydraulic hose manufacturer technical support

    Under normal circumstances, the manufacturers of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic pipe fittings will provide regular test support and warranty. The hydraulic hose components are assembled in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Under normal circumstances, if there is a problem with the component, the corresponding maintenance or technology will be carried out. support. However, if you choose bulk accessories to match, you may lose the original protection and the manufacturer's corresponding support.

  • Specification for the use of hydraulic hoses

    The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard states in section 6.3 of SAEJ1273, “The hoses of one manufacturer are usually not compatible with the accessories of another manufacturer. Please do not use the hoses from two manufacturers without the approval of two manufacturers. The hoses and fittings are mixed.” Two manufacturers may provide similar hoses and fittings, and they may look close enough. But the SAE guidelines are clear on this topic. The International Standards Organization (ISO) and European Standards (EN) also provide performance standards and guidelines for hose performance.

  • Strict hydraulic hose performance test

    Performance guidelines are provided for all hose assemblies, and many manufacturers test them during hose manufacturing and assembly. Manufacturers’ tests usually only show their hose products and their accessory products, and hoses and accessory interfaces are one of the most common failure areas in the testing process, so matching is very important.

  • Risk of inappropriate hydraulic hoses

    To determine whether the cost is worth the risk, you must first understand the extent of the risk. When the hose assembly fails, hydraulic oil will be sprayed everywhere. For example, if the hose assembly on a garbage truck that collects garbage on city streets fails, the owner of the truck will need to hire a company to clean up the spill and may first face a fine for the oil spill. The risks are different, but it is equally important to consider indoors. Environmental fines may not be so important, but the danger to workers is certainly. The hydraulic fluid is very hot and if the hose bursts, it may cause severe burns.

    The risk of downtime also exists. A hose failure usually results in equipment downtime until the component can be repaired. When equipment fails, productivity drops or even overtime to complete the work, which brings greater economic pressure. The higher the frequency of hose assembly failures and the higher the frequency of your machine downtime, the greater your bottom line risk. In the series of work to get the machine up and running again, there is also the risk of choosing the fastest or cheapest hose coupling instead of the hose coupling suitable for the application. Although this may be the easiest way to bring the machine back online today, it increases the risk of the hose assembly failing again and brings you back to the starting point.

  • Test the right hydraulic hose repeatedly

    Finding the perfect hose assembly requires a lot of trial and error. Perfecting the crimp diameter is a difficult task, and the crimp diameter tolerance is six thousandths of an inch. When purchasing hoses and fittings from a manufacturer, the company can recommend the appropriate crimp diameter to establish the best connection. Many Chinese hydraulic hose manufacturers have begun to accelerate their own technology research and development to improve the reliability of the connection, and they have approached the top international companies to strengthen their competitiveness.


Choose the best hydraulic hose manufacturer in China

Why choose a Chinese manufacturer of hydraulic hoses? We have listed 6 reasons.

  1. Flush the World Top Technology
  2. High-level Workforce
  3. Continuously Growing Population and Labor Force
  4. Always Lower Cost
  5. Infrastructure and Geography
  6. Stablize

As a major industrial country, China's hydraulic hoses and accessories are trustworthy. With these advantages, more and more customers choose Chinese hydraulic hose manufacturers.

Click to read in detail why you choose a Chinese hydraulic hose manufacturer.


Where to find a suitable Chinese hydraulic hose manufacturer

Under normal circumstances, the following three ways can be used to find a suitable Chinese hydraulic hose manufacturer

  • B2B platform

    The corresponding manufacturers can be found on various b2b platforms. China’s famous b2b platform is Alibaba, made in China

  • Google search engine

    The website information of Chinese manufacturers of hydraulic hoses and accessories is included in the Google database. You can search for them using different keywords.

  • Foreign trade show

    Through the foreign trade exhibition, you can obtain the contact information of most of the manufacturers of hydraulic hoses and accessories in China, and exchange and negotiate on-site. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese hydraulic hose manufacturers are not willing to participate in overseas exhibitions.


China top hydraulic hose manufacturer

Lake Hydraulics was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to the development and manufacture of hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, hose assemblies and other related products that are widely used in mining, machinery, transportation, shipping, and oil fields.

With reliable quality, reasonable price and excellent service, we have successfully established our reputation and won customers from all over the world. Some of our major customers include Parker, Eaton, Terex, PrincessAuto, etc. Our cooperation includes OEM/ODM services, customization, etc. We will strive to keep up with our work, upgrade and improve, innovate and invent, thereby strengthening the partnership with customers.

If you need to purchase hydraulic hoses, visit our website, you can view our products, and contact us.

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