Reusable Hose Fittings

Reusable Hose Fittings

Reusable Hose Fittings can be Screwed onto Hydraulic Hoses manually and Unscrewed for Second Hand Use. 

Reusable hose fitting, or field attachable fitting, can be attached to a hose without crimping machine but a hand tool like a standard wrench. And therefore reusable hose fitting is a good choice for emergency repair when there is no tool at the circumstance. 

On the other hand, reusable hose fittings can be used as second hand when the hose is damaged. Simply unscrew the reusable hose fitting from the hose end and then screw it on new hose for new use. Or on opposite, if reusable hose fitting is damaged and hose still works, simply take off the reusable hose fitting and replace with a new one. Therefore, reusable hose fitting is an economic choice for hydraulic systems. 

A hose assembly with reusable hose fitting will meet all SAE specifications, but one thing need to be noted is that reusable hose fittings can only be used with certain specific hoses. Using reusable hose fittings with other hoses will lead to hose failure or even potential injury. 

Discover various thread forms, sizes, and types of reusable hose fitting, or field attachable fitting here at Laike Hydraulics.

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